Poem #2

Mallee Scrub

The quiet stillness

Is gently disturbed

By the soft thornbill’s song.

We stop and listen.

We wander aimlessly,

Watching out for orchids,

Correas and sundews.

We admire the soft pink

Of the spidery

Flowering grevilleas.

We stare in awe

At the bright

Golden banksia

As it leaps skyward,

Outlined dazzlingly

Against the winter’s

Azure sky,

On fire in the setting sunlight.

We freeze.

We dare not move.

Barely twenty paces ahead

A malleefowl scratches the earth,

Searching for seeds and beetles.

We blink.

The bird departs,

Lost in the shadows

With its cryptic camouflage.

A day to remember.

A day of awe and wonder

Admiring His Creation.

All rights reserved.

Copyright 2006 Trevor W. Hampel.

First published in Compedium magazine, 1996.


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