Not much writing going on at present

I feel miserable.

A few days ago my daughter, who was home for Christmas, shared her head cold with my wife and then passed it on to me.

Thanks for sharing.

This is the first proper head cold I’ve had since retiring from teaching – over three and a half years ago. When I was still teaching I would come down with a sore throat or a cold every few weeks. I seemed to catch almost every bug getting around. The perils of working in a confined space with thirty little children. So I really shouldn’t complain – almost four cold free years is something not to be sneezed at, if you get my drift.

I should also be grateful that my infection was relatively mild compared with my wife and daughter. What has made it more uncomfortable this time round has been the extremely hot weather we have had recently. Christmas Day was lovely but ever since then the temperature has peaked at 40C or above every day. Yesterday it reached 44C ( that’s 111.2F for those that use that scale) under our front veranda. That’s hot. And the rest of the week is promising to be in the mid to high 30s.

With the heat and the head cold I haven’t felt like doing much writing, so I’ve given myself a few days off. I’ve watched plenty of television, including the Test Cricket from Melbourne (the Aussies won again – yeah). I’ve also started catching up on watching a few movies bought on DVD ages ago. I’ve also been trying to watch the many hours of television programmes stored on the hard drive recorder – before that gets out of hand.

Will get back to the writing soon.

Good writing.


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