My latest publication

It is always exciting to see one’s writing in print.

Last week I was an invited guest at the launch of my latest publication. This took the form of a brochure aimed at tourists in our district, specifically the town of Mannum which is about a half hour drive from home here in Murray Bridge, South Australia.

Earlier in the year I was approached by the members of the Friends of Mannum Walking Trails to produce a birding guide to be used by local people and visitors to the town. I readily agreed, thinking that the exposure of my writing to a totally new audience could lead to some interesting contacts. I didn’t realise how much work was involved in producing a double-sided A3 size brochure. Despite the work involved the final product is very pleasing (see the photo below). I took all the photos included on the brochure and wrote most of the text.

More details of the actual launch can be read on my blog called Trevor’s Birding.

The Mannum Bird Watching brochure I wrote

The Mannum Bird Watching brochure I wrote


2 Responses to “My latest publication”

  1. The brochure looks great and as I live in Mannum myself, I’ll definitely need to get myself a copy and get walking along the trails. Brochures can be hard work but yes they are also rewarding when the finished product is complete. It sounds like you enjoyed doing this one!

  2. Trevor says:

    Hi there Deanne,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment.

    The production of this brochure was hard work mixed with fun. It was something of a labour of love, but I would enjoy doing more of this type of writing, especially about birds. I guess that is what my birding blog is all about after all.

    The brochures were to be made available from the Visitor Information centre the week before Christmas so visitors to Mannum could use them.