Just a thought: the trouble with work

“The trouble with work is that…. it’s so daily.”

Before retiring from teaching a few years ago, I too was burdened down with the daily grind of work. Yes, it is daily. It is a burden. It is a grind. For the vast majority of people there is no choice. It is necessary for survival. Granted, many people love their work. That’s great – enjoy it if that describes you.
The thing I like about writing and blogging is the freedom one enjoys. If I want to write for ten hours one day and then take the next one off, I can. If I need to water the garden or go for a walk, I can. If I want to read the paper, do the crossword, read a novel or just watch the roses growing, I can.

There is a danger in all that freedom, however. Productivity can fluctuate wildly, according to one’s mood, feelings or the interruptions of others. A writer’s life needs to have a certain amount of discipline if it is to be productive and successful.

In my case, I set definite goals for the year, the month, the week, and each day. If I need to give a little slack one day I know I can give a little extra effort the next day and catch up. I set goals for the number of posts I write on my blogs, how many words I write and how many hours of writing I want to achieve. This helps me keep accountable to my harshest boss of all – myself.

Remember –

  • read every day
  • write every day
  • take time for yourself every day

Good writing.


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