I have “finished” writing my novel

Late last night, after about 18 months of hard labour, I finally “finished” writing my novel for children set in Nepal.

I have written “finished” in quotes because, in reality, the process is far from complete. Because this novel is my thesis paper for my Master of Arts in Creative Writing, it needs to now go to my supervising lecturers for one last look, mainly proofreading and final checking. It then goes to an independent examiner for marking. After that long process I may graduate. And then starts a whole new ball game: trying to find a publisher. That game could go on for another 18 -24 months or longer. [Sigh]

In its current form the novel is in its 10th draft. Some sections have been through more drafts than that. The final draft was essentially just proofreading on my part; very few words were changed and I found only a handful of punctuation errors – even after all those times reading through it.

The hard work doesn’t end there however. Today I focused back on my exegesis essay which must accompany the novel. In this essay I explain the origins of the story, the problems I had along the journey of writing it, some of the technical questions encountered and how I solved them and the influences on my writing from my research, readingĀ  and studies. And its another 10,000 words, of which I’ve written about 3,500. Time to stop blabbing on here and get back to the essay.

Wish me good writing!


2 Responses to “I have “finished” writing my novel”

  1. Snail says:


    But why wait for the examiner’s response? Why not start submitting to a publisher (or agent) right away?

  2. Trevor says:

    Good point – and I’d already decided on that course of action a few weeks ago. This essay is the sticking point as I’ll need to focus on getting that finished asap – will need to do that by the end of the month.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

    What are you writing at present?