How to generate content on your blog

Since starting this blog earlier this year I have tried hard to maintain a minimum of one post per day. In that I have usually succeeded, with only a few missed days. Then there have been a few days where I have posted several articles on the one day. Overall, my aim is to post at least once a day with an article of useful content. Only my readers can judge if I have succeeded.
Darren Rowse on ProBlogger has recently posted an article listing a series of articles from his extensive archives. In this series he argues that quality articles, while very important, are generally not enough for the site to be successful (translate: generate income). Bloggers must be concentrating on quantity as well. I guess this is one argument that could go on forever.

In my limited experience, getting out one article a day is stretching me because I am trying to do this for three blogs simultaneously. (Check out my Birding blog here and my Travel Blog here.) On top of that, I am trying to work on several novels and picture books for children, write short stories and poetry for a range of magazines, do a writing course AND have a life. Demanding and challenging.

It all takes discipline, perseverance and commitment. I think I have a good mix of these qualities.

To read Darren’s articles click on the link below:


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