How to grow your blog community

Most bloggers would like to have more people coming to read their blogs. Most would like to see some results for all those hours of writing and sweating over their words and trying to write good content.

And I guess most bloggers would like to see people leaving comments on their blogs. In this way you can develop a community of readers who are loyal and regular readers.

But how best to grow a blog community?

Ben Yoskovitz on his Instigator Blog has posted a useful list of 8 Steps to Growing Your Blog Community One Person at a Time.

I’m pleased to say that I usually follow most of his suggestions. I am particularly careful to follow his first four suggestions.

  • I often aim to write in a way that will encourage people to leave comments.
  • I usually followup comments with comments of my own engaging the readers in conversation.
  • First time commenters are usually thanked via a personal email.
  • I also like to visit their blog to see what types of things they are interested in, their passions and topics.
  • I reciprocate by commenting where appropriate. All this helps to develop that sense of community.

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