Happy birthday to this blog

Trevor’s Writing is three years old today.

Three years, almost 800 articles about writing, reading and blogging and nearly a thousand comments has been a challenge. In the middle of that I’ve had some serious health issues and I’ve taken on full time study. I must be a little crazy. The journey has been exhilarating.

To celebrate I’d like to highlight a few features of my blog, especially for newer readers. Here are some links for further reading.

  • About me – some background about me as a writer.
  • My poetry – some samples of the many hundreds of poems I have written, some of which have been published.
  • Short fictionsome of my short fiction that I’ve published here for you to read.
  • Writing hints – just what it says – hints to help you with your writing.
  • Short story starters – stuck for an idea for a short story? Check out these very popular story starters.
  • Writing a Novel – links to the journal I am writing about writing a novel in 2009.
  • Archives – a complete list of every article ever to appear here on this blog – all 800 and counting.

There you have a veritable smorgasbord of reading to help you with your writing.

Good writing.


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