Catching up on some reading

Over the last week I’ve been catching up with a considerable backlog of reading. I’ve been reading several recent issues of Australian Author, the quarterly journal of the Australian Society of Authors. I’ve subscribed to this magazine for many years now, and find it to be very useful in keeping up with current trends in publishing, news of coming events as well as well as articles about the life of a writer.

The Australian Society of Authors is the major professional association of literary creators here in Australia and has a membership in the thousands. The membership list reads as a who’s who of writing in our country. While I haven’t yet taken out membership of the group I am seriously considering it. You are able to subscribe to¬† the magazine without being a member. Membership enables one to receive extra information not in the magazine, advice on contracts, access to mentorships, grants and seminars as well as discounts on books.

To check out the website of the society click here.


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