A rotten time to get sick

Oh, no!

I have a terrible head cold.

It started Monday evening with a roaring sore throat.

On Tuesday I was really miserable and the throat became worse.

Yesterday the sneezing started – every five minutes. And then the nose started running and the head aching. I’ve been going through tissues faster than a dozen girls watching a romantic comedy or a family of spinsters at a wedding.

I guess that there is no really GOOD time to be sick, but this has to be a rotten time for me. You see, I have seven assignments due in the next three weeks. This is for my Master of Arts in Creative Writing.  All I feel like doing is sleeping it off. At least I managed to get quite a large portion of a novel read today. I have to read it before next week’s lecture. Good thing it was interesting – at least the first half was, but it’s taken a turn for… I’d better not give away the plot. Bit silly saying that, actually, seeing I haven’t mentioned the title.

I’ve been reading The Well written by well-known Australian author Elizabeth Jolley who died last year.  Sssssh – don’t tell me the ending – please.

In reality I have been really blessed with NOT having any sore throats or colds or the flu for over four years. I’ve been clear of all that since retiring from classroom teaching. When still teaching I’d pick up some bug every four to six weeks or so. I was beginning to suspect that I was allergic to children, school, work – or all three. So I really can’t complain.

Still – this sneezing is taking it out of me – probably the best place too – so don’t stand too near.

Good (achoo!) writing folks!


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