A list of my writing tools

It is pointless trying to write with a broken pencil.

In a recent post I wrote about the writer’s toolbox, the skills needed to be an effective writer. There are many skills one could regard as the “tools of trade.” There are also several essential actual tools that are useful to the writer; some could be considered essential. Here is a list of tools I use regularly.

Writing Tools I Use:

  1. Pencil: I have always loved the feel of holding a pencil and using it to write with. It’s almost a sensual thing. I always have a selection of pencils near me when I write. These are used for making lists of tasks to achieve today, taking notes from phone calls, making notes and plans about writing ideas and a whole host of other tasks. Outlining an article or story is often done in pencil. Writing poetry is almost always done in pencil. It my preferred writing tool.
  2. Ball Point Pen: I still use a ball point pen daily but nowhere near as often as a pencil. I have my favourite brand of pen and get very annoyed when it leaves the room – usually in the hands of my significant other half. There are occasions when said pen mysteriously migrates from my desk to her desk.
  3. Paper: Writers use paper. Lots of it. Any paper printed on only one side gets recycled as scrap paper via a box under my desk. Scrap paper is used for notes, plans, jottings, reminders, phone messages, story ideas and many other miscellaneous tasks.
  4. Dictionary: I have collection of dictionaries in easy reach of my writing desk. These are my trusted friends, consulted regularly. Sure, I use on-line dictionaries too but find it quicker to consult a hard copy. Holding a dictionary in my hands is tactile too, and that’s important to me.
  5. Typewriter: Somewhere in the bowels of the garage, lonely and discarded, is my old typewriter. It is probably dust covered, rusting and with a very dried out ribbon. This faithful friend deserves a place of honour in the house, but there is no room. R.I.P. my old friend.
  6. Computer: I actually have two computers on my writing desk. The old desktop, which is rarely fired up these days, and a lap top which is now the work horse. We are still in the process of moving into a new office; when it comes time to move my desk, the old computer will officially “retire”.
  7. Printer: An essential assistant to the computer, and the reason I have so much scrap paper. I have managed to cut down quite significantly on my paper use since beginning to blog regularly. I keep electronic copies of most of my posts which is a big saving on paper.
  8. Modem and router: Without these two items I would not have a highway leading to the wonders of the internet. I would not be able to post articles on my blogs. I would not be able to research ideas for my writing.
  9. Reference Books: Despite doing much of my research on line, I still rely on a range of reference books to help me with my writing. This is particularly so with my Birding Blog because much of the information I need is not yet on the internet.
  10. Health Items: Also on my desk is a water bottle, a container of nuts and a container of dried fruit. These are essential for my health and well being.

What items do you have on your writing desk? Tell me about them in the comments section.


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