23 Ways to Become a Better Writer

Over the life of this blog I have written many writing hints and given plenty of ideas for writing stories. They have been well received and commented upon.

Scott Ginsberg has written a light-hearted article called 23 Ways to Become a Better Writer. It may read lighthearted and appear to be simple and easy to follow, but his suggestions are seriously great. Even if you only follow several of his suggestions your writing will improve. Why not even implement one each day for a few weeks?

It can’t do any harm. Taking a risk like this is certain to help you with your writing.


2 Responses to “23 Ways to Become a Better Writer”

  1. ayana says:

    dear mr. hampel.
    my name is ayana. i’m an architect from israel. my grandfather’s family name was hampel, as yourself. do you know the exact meaning of the word? i’ve heard hampelman means clown. do you know anything about that?
    i’d appreciate it very much if you would answer my mail.

  2. Trevor says:

    Hi there Ayana. Your comment on my blog came as a very pleasant surprise. As far as we know the name Hampel comes from the word hampelmann as you suggest. Its meaning can be iterpreted as clown or puppet. This is most appropriate as I am known for telling lots of jokes, and so are my brothers. I also write scripts for a puppet troupe and produce and direct the group. I was doing this before I found out about the meaning of my name.

    There is some information on the word “hampelmann” here: