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Some benefits of blogging

The more I write posts here on this site and on my other two sites (here and here),  the more I find that I’m invited to speak about my passions: travel, writing and birding. I had another request yesterday to talk about Australian birds but I had to turn it down due to a lecturing commitment.

Today I had the delight and privilege of talking about blogging. I was the guest lecturer at the university where I already lecture, Tabor Adelaide. This was where I completed my Master of Arts in Creative Writing recently (read about that course here).

As regular readers of this site would know, I’ve been blogging now for almost 7 years. Over that  time I’ve learned a few things about blogging and enjoy many of the benefits of this writing genre. One of the unexpected spin-offs of blogging has been speaking to various community groups. During my lecture I highlighted some of the other unexpected benefits:

Unexpected benefits of blogging

  1. Having my photographs published in some unexpected places.
  2. Earning some income from my photographs.
  3. Seeing my poems, stories and articles published in some quite unexpected places.
  4. Building a sense of community amongst readers of my sites.
  5. The many comments on my articles from people all over the world.

Other benefits of blogging

These benefits are in addition to the better known benefits of blogging:

  1.  Improving my writing skills; the more your write, the better you get at it.
  2. Feedback from readers in the way of comments.
  3. The creation of some income.
  4. The opening up of various opportunities.

Good writing.


Writing prompt: Travel

Mt Lofty Ranges from Adelaide Airport, South Australia

This photo was taken at the Adelaide International Airport last December. My wife and I were waiting to board our flight to Melbourne on our way to Dubai and then Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. Our daughter taught at an international school in Addis last year and we went to visit her for a few weeks. Later, the three of us travelled to Casablanca before touring Morocco. In the new year we spent some time holidaying in Spain. You can read more about our travels on my other site, Trevor’s Travels.

Writing prompt: Write about the holidays you’ve been on, whether they were to exotic places overseas, or close by your home. As an alternative, write about the most exotic place you’d love to visit some day. Try turning your writing into a short story. Next time you go on a holiday, start a journal recording your travels. If you are into writing poetry, write poems about the places you visit. I wrote over 50 poems about the places I visited on my most recent overseas trip.

Good writing.


The birds of the air

New Holland Honeyeater in our garden

Followers of this site may also be aware that I also write regularly about birds on another site of mine – Trevor’s Birding. The site also includes many hundreds of photos of Australian birds taken in my garden and on my travels around Australia. More recently I have included photos and articles about birds seen on a recent holiday in Ethiopia. Over the coming months I will also feature birds seen in both Morocco and Spain. What I experienced with my family on that holiday is also featured on another of my sites, Trevor’s Travels.

The birds in our garden in rural South Australia are a constant delight to us and visitors to our home. There is a constant stream of birds going from tree to tree, flying overhead or feeding on flowering bushes. I frequently photograph them and also write articles about them. From time to time they also inspire me to write poems or even short stories featuring the birds I see.

Writing prompt: take out time to watch the birds in your garden, or a nearby park, beach or river bank. Write a poem about one of the birds you see. If you would like comments about your poem, post it in the comments section (maximum 40 lines).

New Holland Honeyeater in our garden

By the light of the moon

Full moon May 2012

A few days ago the moon was at its closest to the Earth for this year. It was also full moon. The media made something of the event – it must have been a slow news week. I also noticed that quite a few people took photos of the moon and posted them on the social media sites.

While this didn’t particularly interest me, I though I’d take the camera outside soon after the moon had risen, just to see if there was anything worth recording. I managed a few reasonable shots of the moon shining through the clouds and nearby trees.

Writing prompt: write a short story or a poem about the moon. You can post your poem in the comments section (keep it under 40 lines) and I’ll comment on your effort.

Full moon May 2012

Mothers Day

Today is Mothers Day here in Australia.

I’ve been thinking: on this Mothers Day, treasure your mother dearly – while she is still with you.

This day is always a bitter/sweet time for me because I have the sweet memories of my dear mother – along with the realisation that she passed from this life nearly 40 years ago.

Writing prompt:

Write about your mother and how much you appreciate her. If she is still alive, put your writing in a card and send it to her in appreciation. Attach a loving gift as well.