You are not a writer unless…

Do you call yourself a writer?

What have you written today? This week? This month?

Unless you write regularly, you cannot call yourself a writer. Too many people just dream of being a writer. They are in love with the idea of being a writer. They don’t actually ever write anything, or if they do, their writing activities are so sporadic, unplanned, lacking direction and purpose that they might as well call themselves a donkey – or whatever.

When I was a teacher (in another life) I taught. When my brother was a farmer, he worked on his farm. When another brother was a chef, he cooked. When… I think you get the picture. A writer writes. Period.

I’ve just read a great little article called Top 5 Reasons You Should Stop Calling Yourself a Writer, Right Now. It is well worth the visit – and some serious self examination. I can tick all five points made in the article – can you?


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