You are never too old to become a writer

Far too many people reach their retirement or their mature years and regret not having followed their dreams of being a writer. Life tends to get in the way. The pressures of making a living, caring for the family, building up a business or whatever often prevent people from realising the joy of writing and of having that writing published.

It is against this background then to read of the man who recently had his first book published at the age of 96. And he is working on a second book. How wonderful. I applaud him for his perseverance and for never letting his dream die.

Into his 90s, decimated by the loss of his beloved wife, and alone at night with the memories of a rough and sad childhood spent battling an alcoholic father and vicious anti-Semitism, Harry Bernstein decided to write.

What started out as almost a form of therapy eventually turned into a book called ”The Invisible Wall” that chronicles his childhood in a northern England mill town and _ considering that it wasn’t published until he was 96 _ serves as an inspiration for aspiring authors.

Bernstein began writing ”The Invisible Wall” when he was 93 as a way to deal with his memories and the loneliness he felt after his wife of almost seven decades, Ruby, passed away from leukemia in 2002.

Read the whole story here.

His story reminded me of a recent interview I heard on Australian National radio. During the interview the obvious joy of being alive came through so strongly. This man learned to fly a plane at age 71. He took up stunt flying at age 75 and won aerobatics championships in his 80s and is still flying stunt planes at age 92. Again, I applaud his proactive view of life.

It is never too late to start your writing career.


One Response to “You are never too old to become a writer”

  1. Monica says:

    Thank you for your encouragement, and sharing such a remarkable story. Maybe it isn’t too late for me to start. I’m 40.