Writing prompt: visiting family

Over the last year my wife and I have probably travelled long distances more often than normal to visit family in different parts of our state, interstate and even overseas (when we went to Ethiopia to visit our daughter who was teaching there).

Family visits can be interesting times – from very pleasant through to totally forgettable. Some are necessary, some are overdue and others sadly generate renewed friction. On three occasions this year already we have travelled long distances to spend time with our two grandchildren (age 4 and 1). These are times of delight as we bond with them, get to know their developing characters and play with them. It can be a bitter/sweet time as well – especially when we say goodbye because we need to travel home again. Skype is a great blessing, but you can’t give hugs over the internet.

Today’s writing prompt: write about your last visit to a family member, either close-by or far away. Describe how it went and what happened. Was it an enjoyable occasion? Or a visit to forget?

Good writing.

PS: I must apologise for the long gap since my last post here. I have been very busy with my lecturing commitments, as well as being very ill over the last two months. I think I’ve turned the corner as far as my health is concerned, and the semester at university is drawing to a close. Stay tuned for more frequent and regular posts here on this site.


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