Writing prompt: rainy days

I should take a photo of the rain pouring down outside, and the large puddle of water in our driveway. It is freezing out there, so I’ll just stay in my nice warm office and write about it instead. Take the easy option – quite a reasonable motto in this situation. Looking out of my window is not easy, what with all the raindrops pouring down the glass. So that eliminates taking a photo through the window too. Never mind.

Where I live in rural South Australia, rain is something to celebrate as we don’t often get downpours like we’ve had over the last 36 hours. Here in SA we often say that we are the driest state in the driest continent. It’s a claim which probably isn’t completely accurate, but we say it all the same. I don’t mind cold, wet winter’s days. It gives me a perfect excuse not to go out and weed the garden, or mow the grass, or chop the firewood, or fix that gutter, or… I think you get my point.

Instead, I like to stoke up the fire, make a good cup of tea and settle down with a good book. Or even an average book. Truth be told, I don’t get to do that as often as I’d  like to these days. My writing takes up a good part of the day, my church involvement takes up some of every day, and now my lecturing position is further cutting into each day. Relaxing with a good book is becoming a luxury but it’s something I need to make sure I do. Taking time out to relax is important.

Writing prompt: what do you like to do on cold, rainy days?

Good writing – and reading.


3 Responses to “Writing prompt: rainy days”

  1. Ken Rolph says:

    It has been raining in Sydney since November last. May was a little drier, but now the weather is back to its old tricks. I don’t want to write about anything wet. It just encourages the weather to keep going. Out current strategy is to ignore it and pretend that the sun is shining.

    Just remind me, how does that look again?

  2. Trevor says:

    Yes, Ken. I know about Sydney rain. But I was under the impression that it only rained when we went to visit our son. My mistake. I also made the mistake of going out with grand son one day without an umbrella. Was severely chastised by said son: “We NEVER go anywhere in Sydney without an umbrella.” I got slightly damp; grandson had a plastic cover over his pusher.

  3. Ken Rolph says:

    Your grandson must be very young. Last November we actually had to buy an umbrella. Don’t know where the last one disappeared to. We don’t own raincoats. We have one red poncho we mostly use as a groundsheet. The rain is quite abnormal. This has lead me to some interesting discoveries. Like, no matter how long it rains, you still have to water the indoor plants. Whoops!

    In Sydney we are coming up to that other thing, what’s it called? Um, winter. It’s a terrible time, seems to come back each year, sometimes lasts as long as a fortnight. Last night I had a revelation. We should put a blanket on the bed! Amazing what difference that made. We might try it again tonight. Jan says we should have one of those things, what’s it called, a heater. Something that just puts warmth into the area where we are sitting. But I can’t quite see the point of that. What would you do with it the rest of the year? We mostly need something that puts coolth into a local zone.

    Rain, winter, Sydney. One of these things is not like the others!