Writing prompt: giraffes and other animals

Are you looking at me?

Are you looking at me?

I took the photo above on a recent visit to the Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, New South Wales.

The giraffe is looking straight at me as I was taking the photo, prompting me to think that it was wondering what I was doing – or perhaps it is thinking: “Are you looking at me?”


This photo was taken during the time when the general public can get up close and personal with the giraffes. Various species of animals have times set throughout the day when the public can feed and touch the animals. One has to pay for the privilege of interacting with the animals in this way. It also means you get your photo taken up really close as well.

On this occasion there were a few people lined up to feed the giraffes, and many more curious onlookers like ourselves. For the onlookers it also allows some excellent photographic opportunities. This is particularly so with such a large animal as the giraffe.

Writing prompts:

  • Write a story or essay explaining what the giraffe is thinking.
  • Write a poem about giraffes.
  • Write about a close encounter you once had with a wild animal – or one in a zoo or a cage.
  • Imagine that humans could ride on the backs of giraffes. Write a story about “The great giraffe race.”
  • Imagine being a giraffe for a day. What adventures do you have? Outline the good and bad aspects of being a giraffe.

Good writing.

Giraffe at Dubbo Zoo

Giraffe at Dubbo Zoo


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