Writing prompt: being grateful

Slum housing in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

I took the above photo while in Addis Ababa last December. It is typical of so many ‘homes’ in the capital of Ethiopia. Literally around the corner are lovely homes which would not be out of place in my home town here in South Australia. The contrasts in many cities of the world are there for all to see; I find such inequalities distressing. I feel helpless in the face of such poverty.

We take so many things for granted in our comfortable homes and offices and schools. We take for granted a warm bed on a cold night (we are heading for a frost as I write this). We take for granted enough food in the pantry for many days. We take for granted hot running water when we turn the tap. We have so much; many have so little.

Writing prompt: write about being grateful, write about the things we normally take for granted, the thousand little blessings we overlook every day.


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