Writing prompt #7: Choose a word

Last week in my writing for children course the lecturer handed out a card to each student in the workshop. We were not to show anyone the word on the card. She then asked us to write for about five minutes illustrating the word in some way.

Here is a list of some of the words:

fear, anxiety, enthusiasm, happiness, courage, joy, anger, excitement, despair, sadness

This is what I wrote:

James could hardly wait for Saturday. He was jumping out of his skin. “When will it be Saturday?” he asked for about the tenth time. “Tomorrow,” said his mother patiently.
James raced to his room. He checked his money box again. He counted the coins over and over. He was ready for the Agricultural Show.

He couldn’t wait to go on the rides. He wanted to see the animals; the cows, the horses, the dogs and the cats – even the ducks, especially the ducks. He thought of the icecreams and lolly-pops and fairy floss. He could just taste it melting in his mouth. He thought of the colours and the sounds, the smells, the crowds and the clowns. He wanted to see the machines and the cars, the ferris wheel and the tents.

At that point we were asked to stop; and I was just getting warmed up!

Can you work out the word I was given?

Enthusiasm. When I was asked to read it out aloud I also read it with a great deal of enthusiasm.

Your turn:

As a warm up writing exercise, choose one of the emotion words I listed above. Write about it for five to ten minutes. It does not have to be a story, nor does it have to be for children. Just write.

This may be just an exercise but do not throw it away. File it carefully; you never know when it may become useful for a story or an article.

Good writing.


2 Responses to “Writing prompt #7: Choose a word”

  1. Tammy says:

    hi these were good words and I’m looking for inspiration to write. I’m taking a English writing class at a college so I just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Trevor says:

    Thanks for visiting Tammy. Have you looked at the Writing Prompts and the Short Story Starters? See the side bar and click on the link.

    All the best with your writing endeavours and studies.