Writing prompt #6: Crossroads

Time for another writing prompt to help you with your writing.


Imagine you are out in the country. You are standing where two dirt roads intersect. There are no trees, no shelter of any kind and you cannot even hear a bird calling – except for a lonely, mournful raven in the distance. You cannot see a house or any sort of building.

In the distance you see a cloud of dust. Eventually a bus comes into view. It hisses to a stop right at the intersection. One person alights, and the bus heads off down the road and disappears from view.

Writing idea:

Describe the person:

  • Is the person a male or female?
  • What ethnicity?
  • How old?
  • How is the person dressed?
  • What is the person carrying?
  • Are there any special or noticeable features about the person?

What happens next?

  • Does the person start walking?
  • Or does she or he wait for someone else?
  • Is this person relaxed, confident, anxious or confused?
  • What is their story?

Now let the character tell his story.

Good writing.

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