Writing opportunities

Writing opportunities are everywhere.

It annoys me when writers say they don’t know what to write about. Goodness – I have so many ideas my problem is that I sometimes don’t know what to write next. Writing ideas are everywhere. I have written about that here.

Sometimes, however, writing opportunities present themselves unexpectedly. Recently I was approached to write the text for a pamphlet about bird watching. I was also asked if I could provide the photographs to illustrate the text. Birding – or bird watching to use the old fashioned term – is my lifelong passion and hobby. You can read more about my hobby on Trevor’s Birding, my blog about my passion.

While the writing of this pamphlet is not a paying project it will give my writing and my photography a very public exposure. The published pamphlet will have a large print run and be distributed widely through tourist outlets. One stipulation I’ve made is that it must include my blog address. I’ve written more about this project here.

Writers and bloggers should always be looking for writing opportunities like this. Public exposure of one’s writing can lead to writing jobs from some surprising sources. I rarely turn down an opportunity like this, even if the job is non-paying. These writing opportunities give you exposure that you cannot buy. They will also help you to hone your writing skills. Here are a few suggestions for writing in this way:

  1. Write articles for the local paper.
  2. Write articles for your church newsletter.
  3. Write articles for your child’s school newsletter.
  4. Offer to write articles for or be the editor of your club newsletter.

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