Writing Hint #32: Change Your writing environment

Everyone can get into a rut with their writing.

One solution is to change your writing environment. Here is a list of some possible places where you can do your writing:

  1. In the garden.
  2. At the beach.
  3. Sitting by a lake.
  4. On the grass on a river bank.
  5. In your local library.
  6. In your local coffee shop.
  7. In your local hotel.
  8. In a national park.
  9. In a forest.
  10. In a friend’s house while they are at work or shopping.
  11. In a church (but not during a service – though I’ve had some great writing ideas while listening to a sermon).
  12. In a swimming pool (not recommended if you are using a laptop).
  13. In the bath (forget the laptop here too).
  14. In bed.

I think I’ll take number 14 right now – it’s a few minutes before midnight.

Good night and good writing.

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