Writing Hint #24: Overcoming writer’s block

Do you need some help overcoming the dreaded writer’s block?

Normally this affliction does not worry me much, though sometimes I struggle with my writing due to having a B.A.D.D. (Beastly* Awful Diabetic Day). I find that doing something very different often helps, like doing some extra reading, trying to solve the cryptic crossword in the newspaper, going for a walk, weeding the garden. Sometimes I get so irrational I wash the dishes.

Ten Practical Solutions

John on his blog called All About Blogs and Blogging has written a very useful article called Overcoming Writer’s Block – 10 Practical Solutions. I’ve done some of the things he has suggested and I know they work.

Try them.

*When I’m having a really, REALLY bad day this word is replaced by another expletive commonly used by many Australians.


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