Writing Hint #17 Keeping Fit

Last year I was much fitter than I am now. I was in training for a two week trek in the Everest region of Nepal. I was regularly going for two or three hour walks every morning. I lost weight and felt the best I’ve been for years. (Read about my trek on my Travel Blog).

This year I have spent a much greater amount of time sitting at my laptop writing. It was my choice because I wanted to really make progress with my writing. There is a downside, of course. I have lost fitness and put on a little weight. This is not good. I need to deal with both issues because of my diabetes.

A recent article in an email magazine made me think about my fitness. The writer listed ten ways to keep fit while working from home. I thought I’d make up my own list of ways to keep on top of keeping fit while being a writer.

Keeping Fit as a Writer:

  1. Short Breaks: it is vital to take regular, short breaks from the computer. Your eyes, back and posterior will love you. A short stroll in the garden is all that it takes.
  2. Short walks: you don’t need to go on a daily three hour trek like I did in preparation for Nepal; three ten-minute walks spaced through the day is sufficient.
  3. Healthy Lunch: make a healthy lunch and then eat out – in the garden, in a local park or while visiting a neighbour – but don’t stay all afternoon chatting.
  4. Get a Cordless Phone: if you get many phone calls during the day this one is for you. Unless you need to sit down to take notes, why not stand up and walk around the house while you are talking? This works with a mobile phone, too.
  5. Stretching: stop what you are doing and do some stretching exercises. Pay attention to those muscles not used during typing. Again, your body will love you.
  6. Exercise your mind: It is important that your mind stays healthy too. Stop for twenty minutes and do the crossword in the paper. This stimulates the brain cells in different ways and keeps you mentally on your toes. It also has the side effect of building your vocabulary. If you don’t like crosswords, do some other mind stimulating puzzle that you like.

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Time for a short break I think.


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