Writing Hint #13 Use These Writing Prompts

The Writer’s Digest is one magazine I used extensively in my earlier days to learn about writing. In recent years I haven’t subscribed to the magazine because they are too expensive here in Australia. I still use their web site extensively.

On one page on their web site they have a long list of writing prompts. Click on the link below to read these writing ideas.


  • 101 Best Web Sites for Writers – an absolute goldmine of information, hints, ideas, help and inspiration. This is the 2006 list so it’s reasonably up to date. Lists for the previous five years are also available. While this is a great list with heaps of resources, don’t spend all your time surfing these sites; remember your core business is writing, not reading.
  • Remember to read every day.
  • Remember to write every day.
  • Remember to take time for yourself every day.

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