Writing Hint #12 Write what you love

You’ve got to love libraries. You’ve got to love books. You’ve got to love poetry. You’ve got to love everything about literature. Then, you can pick the one thing you love most and write about it.”

Ray Bradbury

Good advice.

Without a love or a passion for your subject you will struggle to write. It will seem hard work. It will take effort. It will sound false to the reader and you run the risk of turning them away. Some may never return.

I love watching birds. I hope that on my birding blog I write about them with a passion, a love that flows from my words and pictures encouraging readers to return often. Similarly with my travel blog, where I share my love of exploring the great Australian environment and cultural heritage, added recently by a growing love for Thailand and Nepal.

As for this writing blog, I have dreamed of being a writer since the age of about eight. It saddens me to some extent that I let life get in the way of my dream, my passion to be a writer and my love of words, books and literature. Granted, I have been able to share this love with thousands of students in a 35 year teaching career. I know I have influenced many, an influence that has resulted in transformed lives. For example, a former student of mine recently began a career in journalism with our local newspaper.

Now, however, in retirement from teaching, the dream is well and truly alive. I spend many hours every day pursuing my love of words, books and writing.

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