Writing blog posts ahead

I try to write a new post for each of my three blogs every day.

I try – but have not always succeeded, especially in the last twelve months. While I have been studying for my Master of Arts in Creative Writing I have had to cut back drastically on the time I spend blogging. You can’t blog full time AND study full time; there are not enough hours in each day. Or to put it another way: I do need my sleep.

Two weeks ago I started back in my studies for this year. Over the summer break I worked hard at my blogging and wrote nearly 200 posts spread over my three blogs. Some of these have already appeared; most are scheduled to appear regularly over the coming months. My blogs are generally not time sensitive, so I can plan weeks and even months ahead, writing articles that will appear without any action from me. That will considerably ease my work load while I am studying. It will enable me to concentrate on my studies, especially writing my thesis paper – a forty thousand word novel.

I decided some time ago that I can only realistically post ahead three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I will add extra posts in between as things arise that I wish to blog about. Knowing I have regular articles ready to appear is a great way to go in my opinion.

Good writing.

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