Writing a novel – a writer’s journal part 14: Progress on my novel

Progress on the novel

Yesterday I had a great day of writing progress. I achieved over 3200 words including 1160 words on my novel for children. It felt great.

Some days are like that-the words just seem to fly off the tips of my fingers on to the keyboard. I love days like that.

Then there are days when I grind and grind and groan and whine and nothing seems to flow and I feel terrible. Life’s like that as a writer-sometimes you get in the zone and sometimes you don’t.

On the bad days when writing anything is like torture, it is important to remain focused and not give up. When I persist during the tough times I then have the satisfaction of achieving something. Even if I only write a few hundred words I will have made progress. It’s all about maintaining that momentum.

Good writing.


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