Writers and public speaking

I would guess that writers are mostly introverted people, happy to sit in their office tapping away at their computer creating stories, novels, poems, articles and whatever. Many shy away from the spotlight of public speaking. I believe that this is a narrow view of the writer’s life, one that is potentially limiting to their success as writers.

Writers need to be public speakers

As much as some writers might want to run from this suggestion, in order to promote one’s work the writer today needs to e a good public speaker. I have done considerable public speaking in other areas but very little in relation to my writing. Over the last 5 years I have had many opportunities to speak about Australian birds as a direct result of another blog of mine, Trevor’s Birding.

Prepare to be a good speaker

Joanna Penn on her blog The Creative Penn has written an excellent article on this very topic. Her article How to prepare for public speaking covers the topic really well. I recommend that you flip over there and have a read – or listen to her video. Excellent stuff.

Good writing.


4 Responses to “Writers and public speaking”

  1. bob says:

    Check out this guy author of 3 books and an amazing public speaker, getting it spot on without a single powerpoint slide. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXM7MpoVAD0

  2. Joanna Penn says:

    Hi Trevor, Thanks for mentioning my post on speaking. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I struggle as much as anyone, but once I get started on the topic of writing and publishing, then it’s all good! Much of my confidence comes from massive preparation!
    All the best with your speaking,
    Thanks, Joanna

  3. Walter says:

    Perhaps most writers are not spontenious when it comes to speaking in public. But I believe that with practice and exposure, a writer can indeed be a good speaker. 🙂

  4. Ken Rolph says:

    It becomes difficult for those of us who write as an alternative to speaking. With the ability to record and replay speech we are becoming an oral culture again. The new trend seems to be to go and see the writer perform, then buy some books as a kind of souvenir of the experience.

    That just leaves me out. I would be no good at speaking in public, so I’m never going to do it.