Writer Solzhenitsyn dies

Nobel prize winning writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn has died at the age of 89. I have several of his works on my shelves but haven’t read any of them for many years – perhaps several decades. It would be timely to revisit some of this great writer’s works.

In saying that I have a problem. Every time I scan my bookshelves I discover more books I would love to read or reread. As I write this entry I am staying in my daughter’s home in Clare, South Australia. I get the same feeling looking through her bookshelves. It is even more distressing visiting my local library.

So many books; so little time.

I shouldn’t let it get me down. All it means is that I will never be bored, what with so many great books to explore and writers to get to know.

Good writing – and good reading.

Remember – good writers are always voracious readers.


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