Where do you do your writing?

I receive a number of regular emailed newsletters about writing. One that came in a few days ago amused me. The editor quoted a writer who had sent in the following comment:

“I write at home in a high traffic area, because that is where the desk fit. To help my husband and children know when I am not to be disturbed, I wear a little tiara on my head. Everyone knows heads will roll if the queen is touched or interrupted. I also wear ear plugs and listen to meditative music to help drown out the ‘commoners’ and their problems while I am working.”

—L. Kae Graniel

Honolulu, Hawaii

Heads will roll.

I like that. Fortunately I don’t have little children running around the house while I’m trying to write. My wife is usually very considerate too, only interrupting me if it is really necessary.

We recently moved the office into a different part of the house. My new office is airy, light, spacious, (reasonably) uncluttered, full of useful resources on new bookshelves and with a lovely outlook over the garden (which needs some TLC very soon). Probably 90% of my writing occurs in this room, even though I could take the laptop elsewhere.

Further reading:

Last year I wrote an article with the same name as this one: Where do you do your writing? It was a reflective piece about the various places I find are suitable – or unsuitable – for writing. The comments by readers are also interesting.

A question for my readers:

Where do you do your writing?

Use the comments section below.


2 Responses to “Where do you do your writing?”

  1. Rick Cockrum says:

    I still do most of my writing at the end of the kitchen table. Some I do in the projection booth at the theatre (average noise level – 90 decibals).

    I have two perfectly good former bedrooms either of which would make a decent office, but I’ve grown used to being where things are going on. I fear that in an office alone I would end up just falling asleep.

  2. Trevor says:

    Falling asleep is a very real hazard, I’ll agree. In my new “writing studio” I have an old and very comfortable chair bought just before our wedding 37 years ago. In the afternoon, when the creative juices are drying up and the DDYs (Dreaded Diabetic Yawns) kick in, this chair is so tempting. The sunshine makes it fatal – Grandpa naps rule.