What I am reading: “Zenna Dare”

Last week I read the novel called “Zenna Dare” written by Rosanne Hawke. (Rosanne happens to be one of my lecturers at present.)

“Zenna Dare” is suitable for young adults and above. It is a story of mystery, family secrets and the importance of relationships.

I found the story to be fascinating; I could not put it down. The author has done an incredible amount of research and brings this dedication alive on the pages. The main character Jenefer finds a mysterious photograph. This leads her on an intriguing quest to find out about her family history. She discovers that some members of her family have had rocky relationships and great hardships to deal with, while at the same time trying to deal with her own developing relationship with a fellow student and the prejudices still at large in the community.

What is most pleasing about this story is the impetus it has given to my thinking about a novel I am planning to write. Actually, I am being very optimistic about the idea; it could well turn into a trilogy. It would be a fictionalised account of my own family’s struggle to emigrate from Prussia (now part of Poland) to South Australia in the 1840s to escape from religious persecution. It is a story of triumph over extreme hardships, and an unshakable faith in God.

I’ll keep you posted – when I get around to writing the novels.

Meanwhile – good writing and reading.


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