What I am reading: “The Way of the Wild Heart”

“The Way of the Wild Heart” written by John Eldredge. Published by Nelson Books.

I’ve just finished reading this interesting book. It has taken me quite a few months but that is another story. In the last few years I’ve read two other John Eldredge books, Wild at Heart and Waking the Dead. I would heartily recommend both books.

John has written these books to address a problem he has observed in modern western society: the lack of hero figures in the male the population. Boys are no longer allowed to be boys and men have grown into pale imitations of what they could – and should – be in society. Their masculinity has been – to put it crudely – emasculated. In his books he seeks to promote ways of correcting that imbalance. Throughout his works he also brings a Christian perspective to the reasons why this is so important. He believes it is crucial for men, and young men in particular, to develop strength of character so that they can contribute more effectively in an ever changing world.

John explains how he has taken his own boys, and other men and their sons, through adventures such as camping, canoeing, mountaineering, hunting and various other activities that test and develop character. While I find his love of hunting abhorrent I do acknowledge the principles behind what he is attempting to do as worthwhile. Many fathers these days are weak and ineffective in raising boys. Many boys are rebelling because they do not have an effective father figure, a hero if you like, whom they can admire and emulate.

To have written this within the Christian context is doubly pleasing. Families and churches are in desperate need of a correction that will bring about strong male leaders, men who will fulfill their God-given roles in society, not wishy-washy weaklings.


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