What I am reading: “Paradise Lost”

One of the units I studied last semester included a reading of selected works from the classics of English literature. One of the works studied was John Milton’s epic poem ‘Paradise Lost.’

It had been many years since I’d last looked at this poem. It was like coming afresh to this monumental work of literature. At first I found the going a little tough, but the more I read the more intrigued I became. Over several days I actually read through the whole work. The lecturer and all of the other students in my tutorial group were most impressed. No-one else had read the entire work, including the lecturer. Several students chose to write their tutorial paper on this poem, but they only had to read and study a very small portion of several hundred lines.

I was so intrigued by this poem that I included it as one of the texts I referred to in my major essay. I was pleased with what I wrote in that essay but do not yet know my mark. I should receive the essay back next week.


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