Waiting for Inspiration

Sometimes you might look back over something you’ve written and think, “That was an inspired piece of writing.”
Yes – it can happen. Inspiration can come and the writing just flows – and it’s beautiful – and it stands the test of time. It can amaze you years after it is written. Did I really write that?
One thing you learn early if you are a serious writer is that most times you cannot sit around waiting for inspiration. Most times it just won’t come. You just have to start writing. That is one of the things I have learnt quickly as a serious blogger over the last few months.
Don’t wait for inspiration to arrive – go out and meet it.
Grab it by the throat. Get writing. Anything. Get into the habit of writing every day – whether you feel like it or not, whether feeling inspired or not.
The following quote says it well:
“Inspiration is wonderful when it happens, but the writer must develop an approach for the rest of the time…The wait is simply too long.”
Leonard Bernstein (1918 -1990)

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