Turning a blog into a book

When I started out blogging some eighteen months ago it was just a bit of fun. I just wanted a web presence and to be able to share my love of birds (see my birding blog here).

After some time I realised, with heaps of encouragement from my son, that blogging can be a serious writing activity, not to mention income generating. Since that realisation dawned on me, I have treated blogging far more seriously. The income is still modest, but the trend is encouraging and the potential enormous.

In the early days I did not associate blogging with traditional book publication. I could see the potential of selling an e-book as an offshoot from one’s blog, but not a printed book. More recently, however, there have been enough examples of this happening with other writers that it becomes yet another potential income generating avenue.

At this stage this process is not for me but may well be sometime down the track. I am more interested in producing an e-book at some stage. There may be some of my readers who are interested in taking this road. If so, someone has already successfully gone down that track.

Gina Trapani on her blog Lifehacker has explained the process she went through to write, develop and convert her blog into a printed book through a traditional print publisher. Read how she did it: part 1 and part 2.

Thanks to Darren on ProBlogger for drawing these articles to his readers’ attention.


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