Top 5 Writing Hints

Darren Rowse on his ProBlogger site has challenged his readers yet again with his Top 5 Group Writing Project. This time around there is a single prize of $1001 to some lucky contributor to the project. This writing project has inspired me to write this article on what I consider to be five top writing hints. This post will NOT be entered in Darren’s writing project; my entry on a totally different topic has been posted on my Birding Blog here.

Top Five Writing Hints:

  1. Read every day: writers are readers. This is a vital part of your apprenticeship. Read my articles called “Lurking with books” and “The importance of books.”
  2. Write every day: writers write. Even if you only write a few paragraphs a day, every sentence will go towards improving your skills. Read my articles called “Practice every day” and “Write every day.”
  3. Rewrite what you write: very rarely will that first, rough draft be your best work. Rewrite, rewrite rewrite until you get it just right.
  4. Edit your writing: no matter how careful you are, errors will creep in. Edit your working meticulously. Then get someone else to check your work with fresh eyes. Read my articles called “Proof Reading” and “The importance of Proofreading.”
  5. Set realistic goals: remember to set goals that are achievable and measurable. Read my article “Aiming for the stars.”

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  3. Eli James says:

    This post is a solid ‘top 5’ to writing. Bravo!

    I found what you said about Writer’s Block exceedingly true: I actually laughed at the very idea of it … before it hit me.

    All of us do thin out after awhile, don’t we?

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