They’ve taken away my time

Aaaah – I’ve lost an hour today – and won’t get it back again for nearly six months.

Daylight Saving started across Australia at 2am this morning. I lost an hour of my time and I’ve been looking for it all day. [sigh]

In reality, I actually saw the clock on my computer tick over the jump of an hour – I wasn’t well at the time and couldn’t sleep. What I want to know is: how did my computer know that here in South Australia the government had brought the start three weeks earlier than usual? Is someone messing with my computer without me knowing it?

When I eventually felt a little better and ready to face the day – yes, I did get a few hour’s sleep – I had the usual task of going around changing all the clocks in the house. Ooops -I just remembered that I haven’t done the car clocks yet.

Talking about time on this writing blog is rather timely… er… relevant at present, but I will write about that tomorrow. Meanwhile, I need some extra sleep to make up for the hour lost last night.

Good writing.


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