The secret of becoming a published writer

If you want to be a published author here’s the secret. Walk over to your desk. Sit on your seat. Now write. And write some more. And keep writing.

I’m not sure where I found this quote but there is quite a large dollop of truth in that quote. You see, it takes persistence to become a published writer. Hour after hour, day after day, month after month, year after year. There are no short cuts.

Many people are in enchanted with the idea of being a writer, but faced with the sheer effort of writing day after day until they have 50, 100 or 200 thousand words, their dreams fade.

As in many pursuits, there is no secret to success. Hard work, persistence and never giving up are all ingredients to becoming a published writer.

Now – if the dream to be a published writer is still burning brightly, go over to your desk, sit down and start writing.

Good writing – and I guarantee that your hard work and persistence will see you become a published writer.


One Response to “The secret of becoming a published writer”

  1. Snail says:

    Bryce Courtney advocates applications of bum glue to keep writers at their desks.