The Queen tells children to read books

Queen Elizabeth has recently celebrated her 80th Birthday. As part of the celebrations she hosted a big literature party in the grounds of Buckingham Palace. It sounds like great fun.

  • Read books, says the Queen to children A Children’s Literature Party at Buckingham Palace, a pantomime-style play featuring stars like Jerry Hall and others, and a reminder for kids to “read…wonderful books…and to discover the pleasures of reading.” That’s all part of the Queen’s 80th birthday celebrations in the UK recently. Just as Roald Dahl’s Big Friendly Giant would say, it was clear from the very start that the children’s event was going to be one “golden phizzwizard” of a dream come true. It was held in the Queen’s back garden, which has been transformed into a living treasury of tales. There, the overawed youngsters – selected by ballot – got to mingle with their favorite literary characters, including Lewis Carroll’s Mad Hatter, March Hare and Dormouse. When the Queen entered the scene, she was announced as – “Her Majester, Ruler of Straight Lines” and vanquisher of bad giants. More on this at the links below.
  • Courtesy of SCBWI Australia (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators)


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