The luck of the Irish

WARNING: slight tangent ahead.

Yes readers, a slight tangent ahead. This post is not much about writing, though I guess you could say it is about reading – or not being able to read.

There was a slight accident on Adelaide’s O-Bahn rapid transit bus way yesterday. Two Irish tourists had just arrived in their hired motor home in our state capital city. They decided to follow a local bus. Either they were very inattentive, or couldn’t read the prominent signs. The bus was entering the O-Bahn track which is designed only for buses to travel at high speed. These buses are on a guided track and do not have to be steered. They often travel up to 110kph between stops. On leaving the track they can then travel on normal roads (but then need to be steered).

The motor home travelled for about 2 kilometres before being clipped by a bus travelling in the opposite direction. No-one was hurt in the incident. The Irish driver has been charged with being drunk while driving Allegedly he had a blood alcohol reading of 0.154, three times the legal limit here in South Australia.

I can’t remember what is written on the signs at the entrance of the bus way, but they are large, clear, explicit and unmistakable.

Not to everyone it seems.



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