The Adventures of Nancy – where’s Butch?

Nancy's friend Butch

Nancy's friend Butch

Hi there,

Nancy here again after a little break.

I’ve been busy helping around the house and garden. Grandpa Trevor has been spending too much time on the computer and I haven’t been able to sneak into the office to talk to you, my loyal readers and fans. (Yes – both of you.)

Forgot to tell you what happened last week. Grandpa and Grandma invited Keith and Rose around for dinner. When they got here I barked my usual welcome to them, like I do for all of our visitors. I like to make people feel welcome.

Then I realised that someone was missing. Where’s Butch? I asked them politely but they only made excuses. They said something about Butch having to guard the house. What rubbish. I know that they have a very good alarm system.

Never mind. I might just wander over there and visit him myself. No wait – tomorrow might be too hot. I couldn’t arrive all hot and sweaty now, could I? It just wouldn’t be ladylike. I’ll wait until Grandma Corinne takes me over in style, riding in the front seat of the car.

Talk to you soon.



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