The Adventures of Nancy – travelling home



I thought that Rose was going to leave me behind again on Sunday. I hate it when she does that. I don’t get to go for a ride in her lovely car. I like looking out the window. Boy – if she’d only let me out sometimes I’d chase after those rabbits and sheep and really have some fun. Mind you – I wouldn’t hurt them. We’d just have a really good run and I’d bark at them and tell them to run faster.

Don’t get me wrong – I love staying with Grandpa Trevor and Grandma Corinne. They let me play in the garden. They take me for walks and the fire is so lovely and warm. I could sleep in front of the fire all day.

Well, Rose didn’t leave me behind the other day so I got to see all those rabbits and sheep and cows and trucks and cars on the way home. Now Rose is at work at school so I am using her computer while she is not here.

I’ll talk to you again soon.

Let me know if you like my photo above.


2 Responses to “The Adventures of Nancy – travelling home”

  1. Nancy, you are beautiful. Are you a professional model? I especially love the way your wear your ears, very becoming!

  2. Trevor says:

    Hi there – thank you for visiting and leaving such kind words. No – I am not a professional model – but I’m willing to have a go. Email my agent (Grandpa) who will discuss my contract.