The Adventures of Nancy – helping in Grandma’s plant nursery


Nancy here again.

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Today’s photo shows me busy at work.

Nancy working in the plant nursery

Nancy working in the plant nursery

Grandma Corinne runs an Australian native plant nursery and she often needs help and supervision. That’s where I am so useful. I make sure that she keeps on task all the time. Every so often I wander over to where she is working and lean against her leg. That reminds her to give me a rub. This is very important; it as it is very encouraging for her to have this attention.

Sometimes I position myself on the mound of dirt in the middle of the nursery. The sun is lovely and warm there so sometimes I might appear to nod off to sleep, but don’t be fooled. I am watching carefully for those bossy Red Wattlebirds. They can be very domineering and chase away all the smaller honeyeaters, so I watch out for them and chase them away if they get too rough. They need to learn to share the lovely honey in the flowers.

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2 Responses to “The Adventures of Nancy – helping in Grandma’s plant nursery”

  1. Hi Nancy!

    So lovely to see you again. You are a most talented dog, what would your Grandmother Corinne or Grandfather Trevor do without you?
    You have to forgive me though, I don’t know what Red Whattlebirds are… but I’m sure you’re very good at keeping them away.

  2. Trevor says:

    Yes – they would be lost without me.

    If you want to learn about wattlebirds you should read Grandpa Trevor’s bird blog here: