The Adventures of Nancy – Grandpa has a birthday

Hi there readers,

Nancy – the dog with attitude here again.

I nearly forgot to mention a very significant event. It happened about two weeks ago. I was so busy I forgot to tell you about it.

Grandpa Trevor had a very special birthday. It was his 60th Birthday too. We had a special party for him. Uncle Simon and Aunty Leanne came over from Sydney just to see me. Well, I suppose they came to see Grandpa too. And my Mum was there too. And Rose and Keith who are Grandpa’s friends. They are Butch’s mum and dad – but Butch didn’t come which is just as well. I didn’t want to share my piece of cake with him.

We had a good party.

You can see the birthday cake in the photo below.

Talk to you again soon.


PS: When Grandpa is not writing or busy playing games with me, he likes to look at Australian birds. That is why there one on his cake. We didn’t eat the bird because it has a magnet on the back.

Trevor's 60th Birthday Cake

Trevor's 60th Birthday Cake


2 Responses to “The Adventures of Nancy – Grandpa has a birthday”

  1. Kelvin says:

    Nancy, I loved the Birthday cake too. I hope you didn’t eat too much of it! Grandpa Trevor is getting really old!!!

  2. Nancy says:

    The cake was really nice, Kelvin. I didn’t eat too much – a girl has to watch her figure you know