Taking time to think

Rick on his blog Shards of Consciousness writes that we should take more time to think about what we read. With the masses of information available at the click of the mouse, there is so much to read that is so interesting. Rick, however, is suggesting that we are reading far more but digesting far less of what we read. We are forgetting to think about what we are reading.

Ouch – guilty as charged.

In fact, since starting blogging seriously in March of this year my reading of printed materials has plummeted to an all time low. I subscribe to about a dozen magazines which largely go unread and have a huge pile of “books I am going to read when I retire.” Well, since “retiring” from teaching 2 years ago the pile has probably doubled. As for thinking about what I read…. mmmm… time for a few changes me thinks.

To read Rick’s article click here. (Sorry – the link to Rick’s site not longer works.)

Updated November 2013.

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4 Responses to “Taking time to think”

  1. Rick says:

    Hi Trevor,

    In my house we’ve gotten to the point of subscribing to only three magazines. At one point we also subscribed to 10 – 12 magazines. But, as with you, there just wasn’t time to read them all and we let most of them lapse.
    Books, that’s another story – but most of what we read anymore is science fiction and fantasy. I always take a few minutes a day to read at least a few paragraphs just for the sheer pleasure and change of pace.

  2. Trevor says:

    Good advice Rick. There was a time when I would read for up to half an hour each night before switching off the light. A good habit to re-acquire I think. I have also recently stopped having daily newspapers delivered, preferring to skim several papers online versions and only reading a small selection of articles. Saves on paper, saves time, saves money and saves taking the used papers to the recycling depot (Aussies are great at recycling). Oh, but I do miss solving the cryptic crossword each day.

  3. Rick says:

    I had forgotten about the newspaper. We did the same thing. The only thing I really miss is the cartoons:-).

    I wish Americans were better at recycling. The only reason we do as much as we do (not enough, still) is because we have been forced to by law.

  4. Trevor says:

    Yes – I miss the cartoons too, as well as the quirky little items sometimes reported in the papers, the kind of thing that they tend not to include in the online versions.

    There has been a big campaign in Australia over the last few years to ban plastic shopping bags. I don’t know the figures but my observation is that more than half the population is now using calico type bags that will last hundreds of trips to the supermarket (except for the likes of me who has the occasional “seniors moment” and leaves them home.

    As for general recycling many local government councils (they are responsible for rubbish collection) now provide either two or three wheelie bins, one for general rubbish, one for papers and cardboard and one for glass and other hard recyclable items such as tins. Some have a different bin for green waste (weeds, plant materials like prunings).

    When we stayed with our son in Sydney in March we were warned about the garbage truck; he lives on a corner block and the truck passes his home twelve times every Friday morning – once for each street meeting at that intersection times once for each of their three bins! Talk about noisy!