Taking a break from writing

It has been a few weeks since I last posted an article here.

I am taking a short break from writing before getting back to full steam again in the New Year. Everyone needs a break from their normal activities, a time to relax, do things differently or just slow down for a while. Writers are no different. It is an intensive occupation and never taking a break can has serious long term implications for both physical health and writing freshness.

I had neglected jobs around the house and garden for so long this year that I just had to attend to some serious tasks which took me away from my desk. We are at the height of summer and the bushfire danger time here in South Australia. We live on a 5 acre block and the good winter/spring rains had resulted in some serious weed growth.  This required some dedicated time on the ride-on mower.

Then¬† my family demanded ten days away. This was a good opportunity to relax by the pool with a series of good books I had be putting aside for such an occasion. I relaxed so much that they inspired me to write three short stories while on holiday. Sometimes the creative juices just have to flow. We also had an early extended family Christmas get together last Sunday. This was a great time of food and fellowship. It was also great over recent days to spend time getting to know my only grandson, now aged 14 months. Because my son lives in Sydney we don’t get this opportunity very often – and you can’t give hugs via a web cam.

In the meantime – good writing – and take time to relax over Christmas.


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