Writing prompt: country scenes

Rural scene in Morocco

During our tour of Morocco just over a year ago we were amazed at the many similarities with country South Australia. Sure, the houses looked quite different, as did some of the animals. For example, we don’t get too many donkeys pulling ploughs here in rural SA. Nor do we generally get large flocks of goats and the sheep are a quite different breed. Apart from those differences we were constantly remarking on the similarity of our two countries.

Writing prompt:

  • Look at the photo above of a rural scene in Morocco – it could be in many other places, of course. Or you could find a similar country scene in a magazine, book or online.
  • As a warm-up writing exercise, describe the scene.
  • Imagine what it would be like to live there. Describe how you would feel.
  • Add some imaginary characters to the scene. What are they doing, feeling, dreaming?
  • Respond to the photo in poetic form.
  • Let your imagination soar; the sky – or your imagination – is the limit. Let it break through that limit!

Good writing.

Short Story Starters

It has been quite a long time since I last posted a list of Short Story Starters. These have proved to be very popular with my readers. I hope that these writing prompts are helping you to get going with your fiction writing on those occasions when you just don’t how to start.

Here is a list of these story starters all in the one place:

I intend to add to this list in future articles, so remember to bookmark this site – or use the RSS feed (on the side bar).

Good writing.

Updated November 2013.