Taking time to think

Rick on his blog Shards of Consciousness writes that we should take more time to think about what we read. With the masses of information available at the click of the mouse, there is so much to read that is so interesting. Rick, however, is suggesting that we are reading far more but digesting far less of what we read. We are forgetting to think about what we are reading.

Ouch – guilty as charged.

In fact, since starting blogging seriously in March of this year my reading of printed materials has plummeted to an all time low. I subscribe to about a dozen magazines which largely go unread and have a huge pile of “books I am going to read when I retire.” Well, since “retiring” from teaching 2 years ago the pile has probably doubled. As for thinking about what I read…. mmmm… time for a few changes me thinks.

To read Rick’s article click here. (Sorry – the link to Rick’s site not longer works.)

Updated November 2013.